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Mobile App Development.

iOS, Android and web-based mobile development

Based on the requirements of your application, Essels Technologies is able to offer both native iPhone/iPad development as well as web-based mobile application development.

iPhone and iPad Apps

The iOS SDK allows us to create rich mobile applications that take full advantage of the device’s animation, networking, multi-touch, native look and feel. We will help you get your application into the Apple AppStore.

iPad Textbooks

We are very excited about the announcement of iBooks Author and the improved iBooks Store. We are already working on getting the first wave of “smart” text books in to the market soon. We believe these technologies will play a significant role in enriching the learning experience for countless people around the world.

Web-based Mobile Applications

Our skilled engineers can leverage the advanced features of HTML5 and WebKit to build web applications that run on virtually any of today’s desktop and mobile browsers. These web applications can operate offline and have rich interfaces, use geolocation and much more. Mobile applications built using these technologies do not need to be hosted in any Appstore.

Essels Technologies can advise you on which approach is best for your project as each approach has its own set of strengths.

Tell us about your mobile app idea and we can help realise it for you!