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Web Development.

Web Application Development

Whether you are developing a logistics application, ecommerce site or an iOS application, we’ll advise you and guide the development of the project so you get the best results.

We pay great attention to detail thus every thing we do is done with the highest standards in mind. We are always striving to be standards compliant, accessible and search engine friendly. All our code is clean, well structured and efficient. We word hard to make your project our best yet. Based on your needs, we try to select the right tools for the job. Good for you that we have a diverse toolbox. If you have the design for your project, we will handle the conversion from wireframe through to fully-styled web application. We develop the software with simple styling so it’s ready for our design team to style with minimum effort.

Performance Analysis and Security Testing

The success of your web application reliance heavily on how perfromant it is for end users and how secure the application is. We offer performance analysis services as well as penetration testing and security auditing. We can help you improve the performance of your site by revireing server configuration, as well as advise on caching and using cloud services (CDNs) to help scale your site. We have experience with security testing which helps us assess weak points in your security, and suggest recommendations that help secure your network from attack.

Friendly Advice & Consulting

You shall benefit from our experience of what to do and how best to do it. Be bring a divervse and experienced set of hands to your project and we consider it part of our development service to advise and suggest alternative technology or services where necessary. We love to try out cutting-edge technology and are always thinking about how it could be used to make our services quicker, better and more effecient. Being up to date with the latest trends in technology, we can potentially suggest better ways to build your software. So, whether you need a cloud-based hosting solution such as Google’s App Engine, Amazon’s AWS service a simple VPS server; or security configuration and payment integration, you’ll be glad to join forces with us.

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