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AMP – Accessory Management Platform. Supercharged Accessory Marketing

AMP – Accessory Management Platform

Cloud Computing, Graphics Design, iOS Development, Web Dev


We wanted to address a problem that has existed in the Automotive sector for years. The sales and marketing of accessories or aftersales items was still primarily happening via print. KIA Belgium wanted to address this problem and together we created the solution to this: AMP; the Accessory Management Platform.

Gone are the days of outdated, late & ineffective paper brochures. With AMP, KIA was able to push updates on parts and accessories to dealers and customers in realtime. With the addition of iOS and Android apps for both phones and tablets, AMP has become a truly multi-platform place to access all accessory related data.

KIA Belgium has eliminated print costs, increased its green footprint and achieved a many-fold efficiency increase within it’s dealer communication network.

AMP is a SaaS solution designed and developed by Essels Technologies.